WolfWolf A Dark Night Live & Stripped

«A Dark Night» was a live performance without audience. It took place in an disused turbine hall in the Swiss mountains on a very cold winter night in January of 2021.

7inch Vinyl Single

WolfWolf – A Dark Night: Live & Stripped WolfWolf – A Dark Night 7inch

Get this 100 pieces limited edition on 7inch with clear vinyl for your record collection.
The single contains the original live recordings of the «A Dark Night» session.

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New song «The Devil Knows»

«I Crushed The Devil» from the album Metamorphosis.

«Dark Night» from the album Metamorphosis.

Rochus Lussidünne Haut / thin skin

The 30 year retrospective of Rochus Lussi's work in his 2023 published book «dünne Haut / thin skin» contained two full pages of the «A Dark Night» project with photographes of Markus Frömml. The images were taken during and after filming the live recordings.

Thin Skin by Rochus Lussi
Thin Skin by Rochus Lussi
Thin Skin by Rochus Lussi
Thin Skin by Rochus Lussi

The Book «dünne Haut / thin skin» was published by Scheidegger & Spiess

A Dark Night: Live & Stripped

Directed by Andi Hofmann camera & editing Andi Hofmann Camera & Light Ruben Staubli, Leonie Schaffner audio recordings & mixing by Lukas Speissegger audio mastering by Bill Skibbe sculptures by Rochus Lussi photographs by Markus Frömml produced by WolfWolf co-production Carmen Kaufmann music written by WolfWolf
Supported by Verein expoTurbine & EWO

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